Differentiated Platform Technology

AuraVax uses a differentiated approach including the following:

Mucosal immunity

Stopping COVID-19 at the “doorstep”: Immunity in the nasal and respiratory comparments

Comprehensive immunity

Rapid and durable activation of all phases of the immune system (IgA, IgG and T cells)

Prevent COVID-19 dissemination

Within the individual and across individuals and amenable to broad distribution

Vaccine compliance and distribution

Designed for painless self-administration and avoids cold chain logistics

Comprehensive COVID-19 Immunity Mechanism

T-cell responses

IFNγ secreting anti-viral T cells in the lung and spleen

IgA responses

Viral-specific IgA responses in the nasal compartment and lung

Rapid IgG responses

Neutralizing antibodies in serum at titers exceeding convalescent COVID-19 human patients

Intellectual Property Protection

AuraVax has exclusive rights to the foundational patents covering the intranasal technology from the University of Houston.