Unique Features

NanoSTING Achieves a Complete Immune Response

NanoSTING Achieves a Complete Immune Response

Why Choose NanoSTING?

Platform technology to prevent and treat all respiratory viruses

Supply Chain Simplified

Our technology takes the headache out of logistics.


Self administration means less doctors appointments.

Optimal Scalability

NanoSTING can also help prevent unnecessary shortages.

Frequently Asked Questions

NanoSTING is composed of the STING agonist wrapped in a lipid membrane. This technology enables NanoSTING to have desired and broad activity by itself and it can be readily combined with other modalities to focus the immune response against specific threats.

NanoSTING was developed by AuraVax to activate the immune system using proven technology that was designed for nasal application. It activates the STING pathway to generate local as well as widespread immune responses against all types of respiratory viruses and their variants.

NanoSTING is formulated as a powder using a process known as lyophilization. The powder is very stable and can be shipped without the need for specialized procedures or temperature control.

Yes, and there are already examples of the STING pathway being used to treat serious infections in animals.

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